Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Place Title Here"

As I work on my layouts (LO), I find I'm horrible about coming up w neat titles for that page. and most of the time I don't even bother. But now as I do LO's for my CT duties w Grace Blossoms 4 U, I find I need titles. So today, I went hunting for webpages that give ideas for Titles. and found a lot of websites. One is The Perfect Title.

Oh my is there some good title ideas there! and  she has quotes too! (I love adding quotes!) Well worth bookmarking and remember about it, the next time I get stuck with a title.

Now another site to check out is there they have lots of goodies to use and check out! but since I'm talking about titles, I'll stick with that part for now.

If you click over on the resource tabs of their site, you will see, a list of things that  contain a lot of information, and there's tips, titles poems and quotes. Well worth checking out and see what's there.

Or even if you want, always have some yummy ideas!
this link HERE is different types of titles you could use JUST for birthdays!

then this link HERE is all types of resources in with titles of different kinds.

Well I hope you enjoyed that here's a few pages I've completed in the last couple days for challenges or just because I needed some pages done!

Farm Life Kit by Scrappiness Designs

Stop Drop and Roll kit by Wimpychompers 

Majority of the LO is made by Boys Will be Boys by QueenWild Scraps

Sweet Month by Just For Fun Designs Template by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs

Template BeMine Freebie 2 by Lisa Rosa Designs
Mine and Dibs Kit by Made By Me Inspirations

Mine and Dibs by Made by Me Inspirations
Template by Lisa Rosa Be Mine freebie

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  1. Lindsey, you did a great job on your layouts. -Marie